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NEOBIOTA 2012, 7th European Conference on Biological Invasions

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Halting Biological Invasions in Europe: from Data to Decisions

7th European Conference on Biological Invasions, Pontevedra (Spain), 12-14 September 2012

The progressing and escalating threats posed by invasive alien species in Europe suggest that immediate cooperative, specific planning is necessary if  we are to have any chance to halt biodiversity loss. Scientific, technical,  political and legal actions need to be put in place urgently in order to diminish the ecological and economic impacts of biological invasions.
In this framework, NEOBIOTA 2012 will provide an international high-level forum to incorporate research into decision making processes and management of invasive alien species. NEOBIOTA will constitute an important opportunity to advance the dialogue and strengthen cooperation between the scientific community, conservation agencies, stake-holders, and policy and decision
Researchers, representatives from governmental entities, non-profit organizations, and any person or party involved in biodiversity conservation and natural resource management are invited to participate and share ideas, new results and opinions in the field of biological invasions.

• Impacts of biological invasions
Impact on ecological processes and on functional diversity; native species and communities
Impacts on economy and health (plants, animals and humans)

• Management of biological invasions
Prevention and early detection
Mitigation and control
Prioritization of species and pathways
Public perception and communication of the risks associated to biological invasions
Policy and legislation

• Ecology of biological invasions
Biological invasions under climate change
Temporal and spatial trends
Biotic and abiotic control of alien species
Modeling populations of alien species

• Evolution of biological invasions
Genetic variation of alien species
Local adaptation of alien species
Hybridization and invasion
Founder and Allee effects in alien species
All organisms and ecosystems will be considered

Darren Kriticos
CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences. Canberra, Australia.

David M. Richardson
Centre of Excellence for Invasion Biology, Stellenbosch University.
Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Gregory Ruiz
Smithsonian Environmental Research Center. Edgewater (Maryland), USA.

We are looking forward to receiving contributions for talks and poster  resentations. Participants planning to give a talk or poster presentation are asked to submit an English abstract no later than 31 May 2012 to the conference office, by e-mail to Е-мейл адресът e защитен от спам ботове. , as an attached Word document.
Please see the “Abstract contribution” section at the conference website.
Background information, a draft programme, and registration information will be sent out shortly at the conference website
For questions you can contact the NEOBIOTA 2012 Conference Secretariat
Е-мейл адресът e защитен от спам ботове.

NEOBIOTA 2012 is carried out under the patronage of the ISSG/IUCN and the Bern Convention